Simple Tips to Stop Snoring

Do you know that snoring can be prevented if you know some simple tricks? After reading this post, you will know some very simple ways to prevent snoring at night, or at least, reduce the noise you make.

Simple Tips to Stop Snoring

Don’t drink alcohol before going to bed
If you are suffering from snoring, you shouldn’t drink alcohol before going to bed. This is because when you drink alcohol, the muscles will be relaxed and the muscles around your neck are no exception. When the muscles are relaxed, the airway passage will be narrowed and make the noise even louder.

Lose some weight
Overweight people are vulnerable to snoring because the fat tissue around their neck prevent the air flow in and out easily. If you are overweight, it’s time to exercises and have good diet plan to shed some pounds. You will see, by practicing, you will not only reduce snoring, there will be a lot more benefits you can get.

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Sleep with your high pillow
Sleep with your head high can reduce snoring as you can breathe easier. However, don’t set the pillow too high or you the blood will not be bumped to the head easily. Keep the head form with the bed a 20 degree would be good for a night without snoring.

Sleep on your side
Many people have the habit to sleep on their back. If you snore when you sleep, change to sleep on your side will help you reduce snoring. By sleep on your side, the airway will be opened wider and the air will flow in and out easier. As a result, snoring will be prevented or at least, reduced.
You can apply these tips to reduce snoring quick and effectively (though you cannot lose weight fast enough to see the result instantly). If you snore heavily, consider meeting your doctor for the best solutions.