Lose Weight Tips : 6 super food to lose weight in autumn

Lose Weight Tips, The following six foods very well in helping you to remove residuals, especially in body fat. Right now you take for any food that can help you have a good shape in season it out!
this is 6 Super Food to Lose Weight in Autumn

1. Seaweed
Seaweed is a delicious dish, add the weight loss.
In addition to rich viatamin A, B1 and B2, the seaweed also contain abundant amounts of fiber and many other minerals, can help the body excrete the waste products. Thus, the fall is great time you use the seaweed soup to lose weight, to balance the body.


2. Red beans
Lose Weight Tips : Each day eat red bean soup, help you lose weight.
Red beans extremely rich in nutrients, including many minerals and vitamins.Moreover, the red bean has high levels of vitamin B, with a possible increase peristalsis old, very good for urinary tract and relieve constipation, help the body eliminate the sebum and reduce the relative amount large for the body fat.

Red Beans

3. Papaya
The sweetness of papaya will help you get past the first round stretching, body balance in the fall.
Contains vitamin is good for the body. In particular, papaya contains the digestive enzyme is very good and help digest the protein-rich food more easily (eg foods high in protein from meat). Therefore fall to your choice papaya is one of the best foods to lose weight.


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4. Bananas
Delicious bananas good for digestion and weight loss.
Although bananas are high in calories but high quality low fat, rich kalli. Eat more bananas good for digestion, reducing fat deposits in the body. Generally, fall is the ideal food bananas help you lose weight, keep in shape.


5. Apples
Apples are a good weight loss food. When autumn comes,
you eat apples every day to get in shape like that!
Apple is a wonder drug to help you do good, which are meant to help you lose weight, stay in shape is very efficient. By the apples contain malic acid can accelerate the metabolism and reduce body fat. Also, the apple contains more calcium than other fruits, can reduce the amount of salt helps the body to prevent swelling. Autumn, you take a look at apple as useful weight loss food.


6. Tea
After the meal you drink tea to drain the fat,
weight are light weight in the fall!
Tea is considered one of the great weight loss food. In particular this is the real weight loss products work very well in the fall. Every meal you eat after drinking tea to remove the fat in the diet, which consume relatively large amounts of energy.


Now you can Apply this tips for Weight Loss.. Good Luck